by Doug Sitler

elmwoodfebruaryTwo men stood in front of Elmwood Avenue’s Urban Surf & Snowboard Shop talking about last night’s Buffalo Sabres game. A few storefronts down, students with yoga mats tucked under their arms walk into East Meets West yoga studios, while next door, customers stroll out of the eclectic Globe Market with a delicious take-out order. Across the street at Spot Coffee, two college-age girls eat their lunch on the patio, while a few feet away hipsters soak up the warm sun with lattes in hand. As two joggers glide down the sidewalk, what appear to be long-time friends huddle around a baby carriage to see the new arrival. It’s a Saturday afternoon in February on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, New York. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say, much to the dismay of national critics, that it was 25 degrees outside….and no one seemed to notice.