gallery_walkby Doug Sitler

Allentown is most definitely one of Buffalo’s most celebrated and beloved neighborhoods. The historic district is chock-full of art galleries, restaurants, shops, and some of the city’s most colorful residents. A great way to fully explore Allentown is by participating in the monthly “First Fridays Gallery Walk” event: a free self-guided art gallery walk throughout the beautiful and inspiring neighborhood.

Allentown’s cozy streets built generations ago provide the perfect setting for some urban exploration and an intimate look at Buffalo’s energetic arts scene. Most of the arts spaces are doors apart, thus you can experience numerous showings in a relatively short walk. Some of my favorite stops are Buffalo Big Print (the name says it all), College Street Gallery (small gallery with an ever-changing exhibition schedule), Hero Design Studio (nationally recognized poster art designers), and El Museo (featuring multi-cultural artists). There are also some new additions to the Allentown arts scene that I am eager to survey, including the arts collective Sugar City on Wadsworth Street.

After your gallery exploration, there are no less than 37 food and entertainment establishments awaiting your visit. Some restaurants, including Merge and Allentown Hardware, feature ongoing art showings inside their establishments so essentially you can dine within the confines of an art exhibition.

For more information and a map regarding the First Fridays Gallery Walk in Allentown, click here