by Karen Huefner

I’m always in search of a good bargain.  I’m looking for that perfect outfit, in the right size and color that just so happens to be on the clearance rack ready for me to stumble upon it and instantly evoke that feeling of euphoria.  You’d think this blog post would continue on talking about the Galleria or the Outlets in Niagara Falls, but nope, my focus today is on Duty Free Americas.  Yep, Duty Free.  See, it has the word “Free” right in its name so you know it’s gotta be good.

A good friend of mine and her husband were visiting from Canada this past weekend and on her way home, stopped into Duty Free Americas at the Peace Bridge.  Once they cleared Customs, she called immediately to tell me about her fantastic finds!

I’m not sure what made her beam more, was it the 50% off of Anne Klein watches or the assortment of Guess purses marked down 30%?  She even came across a hard-to-find Swarovski crystal figurine to add to her collection.  I think that girl cleaned the store out.  You can tell we’re bargain-hunting best friends, right?  She left Duty Free with a watch, purse, a crystal duck (haha), $10 pashmina scarf, a bottle of the new Paris Hilton cologne and a king-size Toblerone just for fun.

Her husband, on the other hand, didn’t venture far from the liquor section and stocked up on a bottle of Grey Goose and Johnny Black. With two people in the car, he was limited to two bottles otherwise I have a feeling the trunk would’ve been stuffed.  You can’t beat the prices.  It’s just that simple.

Not to mention, before she even left, I handed her a $10 off coupon found right in our Visitor Guide.

Duty Free Savings Compared to U.S. Domestic Prices
(savings may be more when compared to most other country’s domestic prices)

Liquor 25% to 50%
Tobacco 25% to 50%
Fragrances and Cosmetics 15% to 20%
Luxury gifts, Accessories, Watches 10% to 25%
Confection and Other Edibles 10% to 25%

While Duty Free Americas typically sees a majority of Canadian license plates in their parking lot, Americans can shop Duty Free at any of their 3 locations if they intend on leaving the country for more than 48 hours.

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