by Doug Sitler

airportIs it weird to spill your guts to the world on how much you love….your city’s airport? Buffalo is a city that, logistically, is extremely convenient, and the Buffalo Niagara International Airport is the embodiment of that statement. If you traveled around, you understand that some airports are a series of planes, trains, and automobiles, just to get to your…um, plane, train or automobile. Airports can be a den of confusion, but not here in Buffalo. The following are five reasons why I dig the Buffalo Niagara International Airport:

  1. Airport navigation: No getting on underground trains or maze-like terminals here. The Buffalo airport is one long straight terminal. There’s no excuse for not finding your gate, just walk the line. The airport itself is right off I-90, making it very easy to find.
  2. Low-airfare carriers: Thanks to carriers such as Southwest or Jet Blue, it’s extremely affordable to fly to and from Buffalo. An average Buffalonian’s monthly chicken wing budget is more than a flight to Washington DC.
  3. Parking: both at the airport and “park & flys”: There’s always ample parking at the airport, with a shuttle promptly waiting to pick you up. For my friends and family that live two hours from Buffalo, they frequent the many “Park and Fly” specials at the local airports hotel properties. For one price you can stay overnight before your flight and then leave your car at the hotel while you’re away.
  4. The new Anchor Bar restaurant: The original home of the chicken wing now has a pub and wing joint in the terminal.
  5. Due to the glass and steel design, the building just looks cool.