botanicalgardensby Karen Huefner

It’s February so let’s face it, it’s still a little crisp outside when you live in Buffalo but to the running community, temperature is rarely a deterrent for an opportunity to lace up your Nikes and hit the pavement.  With the Botanical Garden’s “Dash for the Dome” being the first race of my life, and therefore not classifying myself as a member of any “running community”, I was a little nervous about looping South Buffalo’s South Park in a 5k race in 30 degree temperatures.  But after 30 minutes and 57 seconds (and one harmless blister) later, the race was over.

Post party festivities took place right inside Buffalo’s Botanical Gardens and so starts my inspiration for this post.  The Botanical Gardens truly is a gem for this community.  No matter what the temperature outside, inside the mercury never dips below 72 degrees.  The plants inside are arranged in classic Victorian style and similar plants from throughout the world are grouped together. Although there are some plants native to our temperate region, most of the plants call the tropical regions of the world their home.  The Rainforest Garden, which includes its own Koi fish pond, along with the Dinosaur Garden are my favorite areas to explore.

While the Gardens are open 10am-5pm 363 days of the year, you might want to consider planning your trip around their annual Spring Flower Show in April or their Poinsettia show in December.  Granted the Gardens boasts numerous events throughout the year, but these two standout at the top of my list.

So get out there to stop and smell the roses….or orchids….or daffodils….or bonsai tree?