by Karen Huefner

wegmans-sushi1Yes, Wegmans is a supermarket. But mention Wegmans to most Buffalonians and you’ll hear words like “amazing”, “oasis” and even “grocery store on steroids”. Plain and simple, Wegmans is just awesome. My weekly shopping excursion typically falls during the week but this time a Saturday stop was imperative. Wegmans is no secret around town so you come to expect a packed parking lot and willingly take the first spot you eye up, no matter where it is. I timed my trip perfectly since the clock just struck noon making it lunchtime. Typically you wouldn’t expect to dine at your neighborhood supermarket for lunch but Wegmans puts a whole new spin on this. Their lunchtime popularity is incredible. From sushi to subs, soups to salads, the size of their dine-in area proves that Wegmans is confident about their community popularity.

After a quick sushi stop, I weaved in and out of aisles one by one, half the time picking up necessities and the other half succumbing to the sights and smells of items NOT on my list. The bakery department, prepared foods, olive / cheese bar and so on….all make you want to jump in the kitchen and prepare a feast. And for those who do not have any of the skills necessary for a feast preparation, Wegmans salutes you with prepared meals that resemble homemade.

If you’re in town to visit family and friends, stop by Wegmans to pick up some prepared appetizers or a dessert for your hosts. If you’re in town just to see the sights, stop in for lunch or dinner. Some locations are open 24 hours.

For you Piggly Wiggly, Publix and Ralph’s lovers, feast your eyes on Wegmans today.

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